Grand Crew: Music for all occasions

Having live musicians for your special event adds a lot to those important moments. As a musical group, Grand Crew can offer a variety of instrumental configurations and musical styles to suit your taste, your event and your budget.

    1. As a full ensemble Grand Crew is 5 members, a jazz quartet (piano, bass, drums and either trumpet or sax) with vocalist Iris Larratt.

    2. Iris can also perform with the backing of the trio (piano, bass and drums) or simply the duet of piano and bass. This latter trio grouping has been very popular for small rooms for receptions, weddings and the like.

    3. If you feel that the music should be more in the background, Grand Crew can appear without our vocalist as an instrumental ensemble in any size from a full quartet down to solo piano. The trio of piano, bass and drums is popular for mid-sized venues. The duo of piano and bass has been very popular, providing background music in smaller venues for receptions and family gatherings.

If you would like a quote for your event for any of these alternatives, please contact us at or call 250-498-0662 with the following information: